Kia considers rolling out Stinger with separate emblem

The new Stinger sports sedan of South Korea’s second largest automaker Kia Motors Corp. debuting within the first half will bear entirely new emblem for a differentiated upscale look.

According to the auto industry Tuesday, Kia Motors is expected to launch the Stinger with a special emblem customized for the car whose label separated from the K family tree. The car was originally christened as the K8.

The Korea’s second largest car maker has been going all out to improve its brand image. An official at Kia Motors said the company is reviewing various measures, including a separate emblem, to give more “distinctive premium value” to the Stinger, the carmaker’s most ambitious sports sedan.

Although a distinctive emblem doesn’t mean a stand-alone brand like Hyundai Motor Co.’s premium Genesis brand, the Stinger with a different emblem from the typical KIA symbol is expected to greatly help Kia Motors expand its presence in the luxury car market. Kia Motors has previously applied a separate emblem for its flagship sport utility vehicle (SUV) Mohave and large-sized sedan Opirus – no longer on sale – which looks like a vortex symbolizing a thumb meaning the best.

The sleek sports sedan will be rolled out within the first half this year first at home and other markets such as the U.S. later this year.

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  1. Bob Lutz commented that (while really liking the Stinger GT in the flesh at the Detroit show), Kia will struggle to make a dent in premium circles with its existing badge. A person with his experience in auto marketing should probably be taken seriously
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    Ive rebadged my Proceed GT with these 'alternative' Kia symbols when I got the car 18 months ago ... people definitely appreciate the look of the car more than the first week when it had the normal Kia symbol! Comments like "it looks nice ... what is it? A Kia? I wouldn't have picked that"
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